Tuesday, July 14, 2009

~♥~ Sweet 16 is a light hearted look into one of our Blessings shop owners here at 1000markets.

Today I get to introduce Jill, of AuntieJill ! Her work is as lovely as she is. While doing this little feature, I learned of a very special gift she has with crying babies...
She has "helped tons of infants fall asleep - even the crankiest ones! At the crises center I became something of a legend. :)"
I'm sure the wee ones must sense the tender love she has for them as is so evident in her soft & tender snugly creations she makes.

Arent these just too precious?!

And she makes custom plush snuglies too!

Now for some basics -
name- Jill Courtright

shopname- Auntie Jill

blog -just here on 1000 Markets!

groups- Handmade Toy Alliance
a web site other than etsy- http://www.auntiejillshop.com/, http://www.auntiejill.1000markets.com/
OK Now that we know the basics, let's get answers to the questions we've always wondered about!
1. what do you have for breakfast? coffee, bagel with cream cheese
2. can you recall a favorite book from childhood? Tons! The Velveteen Rabbit, The Chronicles of Narnia
3. did you ever have a pet turtle? nope
4. if you had another talent, what would it be? I wish I could be a serious runner - someone who really enjoyed it and was good at it.
5. what color is your hair? umm...kind of dark blond/light brown
6. do you sing in the car? Yep, I sing all over the place!
7. any indoor plants? Quite a few, although they did better when I was living alone for some reason.
8. do you have a tattoo? nope
9. prefer tea or coffee? I really enjoy both - coffee first thing in the morning, tea in the afternoon and before bed.
10. carpet or wood under your feet? wood
11. mug or cup & saucer? mug, but I secretly pretend its a cup and saucer sometimes...seems more whimsical then just a mug
12. favorite time of day? when the sun is beginning to set, but hasn't gone into all of its sunset colors yet - it just gets this really rich and warm golden glow on everything, especially the undersides of leaves, and the whole world seems a little magical and I feel tangibly connected to the natural world.

13. favorite season? Tough one...I adore all the little births that happen in spring - the baby leaves and tiny flowers, but full on summer is so rich with smells and warmth, and fall is so full of all these amazing colors (most of my favorite colors in fact!), and winter has all this silvery sparkly wonder about it too. I honestly can't pick one and have a wonderful time enjoying the changes of each new season.
14. favorite dessert? This one is easy to answer: pumpkin pie!!!
15 favorite color to wear? Right now, burnt orange - it might be different in a week though!
16. favorite ice cream flavor of all time? Ben & Jerry's New York Super Fudge Chunk.

Thank you Jill, so very much for playing Sweet 16 with us & letting us get to know more about you!

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