Saturday, May 23, 2009

Blessings 1st "Sweet 16" !

"Sweet 16" is a light hearted look into one of Blessings shop owners at 1000markets; and for our special kick-off I've selected our tireless & sweet founder, Katy! Her designs styles are eclectic, from classic to organic all with an artistic edge.
I have known Katy for only a few months & already she has become such a dear friend!
This is gorgeous!

Just one of Katy's many pairs of earrings, these are my personal favorite

and this bracelet!

now let's meet Katy!~~~

Name - Katherine Anne Curtis
Shop name - Jewel Fire Designs
Web site other than 1KM - none

1. what do you have for breakfast? organic cereal & a banana
2. can you recall a favorite book from childhood? Anne of Green Gables
3. did you ever have a pet turtle? yes, Elmer
4. if you had another talent, what would it be? needle arts
5. what color is your hair? strawberry blonde
6. do you sing in the car? yes & everywhere else no one can hear me!
7. any indoor plants? lots
8. do you have a tattoo? no
9. prefer tea or coffee? tea (hate coffee)
10. carpet or wood under your feet? both
11. mug or cup & saucer? mug
12. favorite time of day? late morning
13. favorite season? Fall
14. favorite dessert? carrot cake
15. favorite color to wear? blue or black
16. favorite ice cream flavor of all time? peppermint

Thank you so much Katy for playing Sweet 16!

Tuesday, May 12, 2009


This is my personal testimony with everlasting thankfulness to my Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ.
Thankfully, my wonderful mother tried to talk with me about God when I was a child. Along with most other young children, I learned the song "Jesus Loves Me". That was the extent of my childhood involvement with the Lord.
As a teenager I, usually, had God in the back of my mind; always thinking of Him as a very stern, judgmental and harsh Master. This was ingrained in me through 12 years of our particular church doctrine. I never understood that I could have a personal and intimate relationship with our Lord and Savior. I never understood the full meaning of the cross. I never understood true Christianity. But, in my heart, I always knew one thing; that I did not fit in with the world around me. I, mostly, felt alone and out of place. I was never, really, interested in anything our prevalent pagan society had to offer. I was always looking for so much more out of life; more purpose, more meaning, and more contentment.

I did not know I was looking for Jesus Christ. How could I know this? I had never opened a Bible. So, I tried to read the Bible. After reading a few pages of Scripture, I closed it. It was hard to understand, so I thought I would just work on being a good person. Rather than making an effort to read and study God's Word, I decided to make God fit my lifestyle. Needless to say, I, rapidly, slid out of God’s plan for me. I was now living in New Mexico. One day, I wandered into a Santa Fe Baptist church and ended up being mentored by the pastor's wife. She instructed me in the Word. My spirit was moved with my new understanding of faith.

A little later on I met my wonderful husband and soul mate, Allan. (We now know it was Divine Intervention.) But, back then, Allan and I were both "living for today" trying to fill a burning need or desire in our hearts for happiness that neither one of us could fill. Living our way, we were stepping further away from God and His will for our lives. Little did we know that our lives were about to, dramatically, change.

In 2004 I went for a colonoscopy. Over the next two years, I learned a whole new level of pain; both physically and emotionally. I was afflicted with cancer and, initially, given two months to live without any treatment. Even with treatment my life expectancy was very short.

Shortly after this unsettling news, Allan and I lost everything we owned in a flood caused by Hurricane Ivan. We didn't even have a toothbrush. All we had was what we were wearing that day. Our pets were saved. And, truly, that is all that mattered to us. Jesus, certainly, got our attention! I started to have many conversations with Jesus. I started to read Scripture on a daily basis. I started praying, repenting, and asking Him to help both me and my husband with all that we were both going through. (Oh, how He can direct our attention back to Him!) And we both, finally, turned our lives, completely, over to Him. Looking back now we can, vividly, see the Lord working in our lives.

Finally, I now had and continue to have purpose in my life, incomprehensible peace, comfort, and contentment in my heart and soul, true joy and happiness. Finally, I am alive inside! Through reading Scripture, I have answers to most of life’s hardest questions. Finally, I had and continue to have the most intimate and personal relationship with Jesus Christ, (Yeshua) my Lord and Savior. I, finally, realized that the main purpose of this life is to repent and re-establish our personal relationship with Holy God. We are to walk in all His ways. We are to invigorate others to study His word and to re-focus their lives onto Him. He needs to always be first place in our hearts. Life is, totally, meaningless without Him.
I am, forever, thankful to Jesus for His unconditional love, patience, saving grace, and free gift of eternal salvation. I am, also, just as thankful to Him for allowing my affliction. I would go through all the pain and suffering again to have Jesus in my life and enjoy the abundance of blessings that He gives to both me and my husband. After a colonectomy (removal of 14 inches of my colon), a liver resection (they took 80% of my liver) and 9 months of hepatic and systemic chemotherapy, I am “Potentially Cured!” I am presently a 3 year cancer survivor! My doctors are stunned at my progress. I told them about my faith in the Lord and my positive outlook and attitude.
I continue to search the ways of the Lord. I love reading my Bible. The Bible is crystal clear to anyone whose heart is right with God. The Holy Spirit is our interpreter; our internal guide and compass. He is the only One who can interpret the biblical truths to us. I am always seeking and learning new truths. Allan and I are true followers of Jesus Christ (Yeshua). Our main purpose in life, now, is to build upon our intimate relationship with Jesus, to grow in righteousness, and to start storing up some “Heavenly Treasures”.

a servant of Jesus Christ

The Best Mother's Day Present EVER!!

I remember many Mother's Day gifts from my sons through the years....a handpainted picture, a marigold planted in a styrofoam cup decorated with sequins....a necklace made of pasta. These are all gifts we as Mom's have received, each one of them you treasured. This year I received the best Mother's Day present youngest son, 28 years old, accepted Christ into his life....and along with him, at his side, was his wife. I could of never asked for a better gift nor received one. To know that your child had held his hands in the air and accepted Christ into his life, well, there are just no words to describe the feeling of that act.

This is one Mother's Day I will never, ever, forget....praise be to God!


Saturday, May 9, 2009

Welcome to Blessing to Blessings!

This new blog was created to give the artisans of the Marketplace of Blessings & our friends a place where they can be totally free to express their faith. We can share our praises, answers to prayer, our struggles & especially our blessings! If you'd like to share, just contact me to help you post it here.

Since this is our first posting, I thought I'd share with you how God answered a recent prayer & blessed me with our Marketplace of Blessings. ~~
I have a shop at 1KM Ever so Dear & although I belong to a few large "markets" I desperately wanted to belong to a smaller one, a place where i could fit in & feel like I was really home.
I applied to a very small market (which I'll refrain from mentioning by name). At that time, there was only one other shop that made jewelry; & I thought for sure I'd get in. Instead I got a note saying while I have beautiful jewelry, they don't feel I accurately represent _____ . I was totally devastated! For days I just couldn't understand why I was rejected.
I finally prayed about this & Lord opened my eyes to the 'new age' & pagan attitudes & items in almost all of their shops. Why hadn't I seen that before? I had to ask myself would I really want to belong to a group like that? What do I value more my love for Christ or a marketplace? Naturally I choose Jesus! I still ached to belong to a small group that I could joyfully & completely call home; however, I left the situation totally in His hands.
Later a message arrived from Katy at Jewel Fire Designs, telling me she got the go ahead for a Christian market & said God put me on her heart and wondered if I'd be interested in helping out! WOW
Don't you just love how the Lord works?! There is more to this, but that can wait for another time.

What answer to prayer or blessings do you have to share??

shared in love♥