Saturday, May 23, 2009

Blessings 1st "Sweet 16" !

"Sweet 16" is a light hearted look into one of Blessings shop owners at 1000markets; and for our special kick-off I've selected our tireless & sweet founder, Katy! Her designs styles are eclectic, from classic to organic all with an artistic edge.
I have known Katy for only a few months & already she has become such a dear friend!
This is gorgeous!

Just one of Katy's many pairs of earrings, these are my personal favorite

and this bracelet!

now let's meet Katy!~~~

Name - Katherine Anne Curtis
Shop name - Jewel Fire Designs
Web site other than 1KM - none

1. what do you have for breakfast? organic cereal & a banana
2. can you recall a favorite book from childhood? Anne of Green Gables
3. did you ever have a pet turtle? yes, Elmer
4. if you had another talent, what would it be? needle arts
5. what color is your hair? strawberry blonde
6. do you sing in the car? yes & everywhere else no one can hear me!
7. any indoor plants? lots
8. do you have a tattoo? no
9. prefer tea or coffee? tea (hate coffee)
10. carpet or wood under your feet? both
11. mug or cup & saucer? mug
12. favorite time of day? late morning
13. favorite season? Fall
14. favorite dessert? carrot cake
15. favorite color to wear? blue or black
16. favorite ice cream flavor of all time? peppermint

Thank you so much Katy for playing Sweet 16!

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